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Raymond Washington

Population 2,726 (2015)


Liang's (Chinese food)
360 942-2079

Shear Delight & Tanning
360 942-5330

Jacob Sullivan Broadside Barbershop
360 942-5330

(South Bend) Bobbie's Beauty Bar
360 934-9373

The Faarian Chronicles YA Sci-fi

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Speed trap, South Bend, WA

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Photos - The Puyallup Fair 2011 from my other site

Update Nov 6, 2017: Daniel and his family were in a little bit of a hurry on Oct 27, because they wanted to get to the Bruceport campground before sunset to avoid biking on 101 when it's dark. You can follow them (Mika, Marla, Marilyne & Daniel) on their blog: velomerica.org . They're biking to Guatemala from Alaska.

A couple bike riding from Alaska to Mexico - Photos taken on Friday, October 27, 2017 in Raymond

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